Introducing the Founder

The founder of La Uchine International Mr Chung-I Hsu often uses these words "Professionalism, Speed, Value" when addressing his employees. These are also the words he used as a foundation for La Uchine International when it was first established, and they form the significant DNA of the company.

Mr Chung-I Hsu graduated from the National Taiwan Ocean University, School of Food Science and was the factory manager for Wei Chuan Taichung Branch and Wei-Cheng Food Industry. However, Mr Hsu decided to apply his professional knowledge to the food industry as a whole and address the many difficult technical issues encountered by manufacturers during production… to this end in 1974 he established the La Uchine Food Technology Co Ltd In Taichung. It was also the very first food additives company to be approved by the Department of Health in Taiwan.

Honored twice as a Distinguished Alumni

During the early days of the company Mr Chung-I Hsu was very busy. Most of the time he was either at a client's factory, or on the way between different client's factories and they were like home to him. It became very clear to him that without food additives the modern food industry could not exist.

Mr Chung-I Hsu has applied his extensive knowledge to the manufacturing processes of his clients, and has solved very many of the problems encountered in food manufacture. He has used his professional knowledge to speed up and improve the efficiency of processing and also to create value for his clients and for the La Uchine International Corporation. Mr Chung-I Hsu frequently gives back to his university, mostly by providing scholarships and vocational opportunities for students. However, he has also contributed to major University construction and has twice been honored as a distinguished member of the alumni.

Becoming Friends with Clients Helps Business Development

Mr Chung-I Hsu has helped resolve many of the challenges experienced by his clients during manufacturing with his great expertise and sincerity. The result was that his clients became his friends, who introduced more friends, and this facilitated the expansion of his business. La Uchine International now has branches in Taichung, Bangkok and Shanghai. The Ajiyo food brand was introduced and the products are marketed in many locations. La Uchine has also branched out into the construction and health food industry, allowing constant growth and development of the company.

In terms of future vision, La Uchine International aims to combine the resources of product expertise, and the advantages of the marketing channels of the three branches, in Taiwan, Thailand, and China. The ultimate goal being to maximize value to clients by allowing them to achieve rapid product development, reduce processing costs along the value chain, and create mutual business opportunities.

Company Development
  • 1974 Established La Uchine International Food Technology Co Ltd in Taichung, Taiwan. The first food additives company to be approved by the Department of Health.
  • 1990 Established La Uchine International Food Technology Co Ltd in Bangkok, Thailand. The first Taiwan invested food additives company in Thailand.
  • 2001 Established La Uchine International Food Technology Co Ltd in Shanghai, China, responsible for the China market.
  • 2002 Established Ajiyo Food Co Ltd, to sell wholesome and healthy condiments under the Ajiyo brand through a number of different marketing channels.
  • 2003 Taiwan La Uchine received ISO9001 international quality certification.
  • 2008 Shanghai La Uchine received QS national industrial products production license certification.
  • 2010 Taiwan La Uchine received ISO22000 international quality certification and HACCP certification.
  • 2011 Shanghai La Uchine received second complex condiment QS national industrial products production license certification.
  • 2012 Established Ajiyo Biotechnology Co Ltd responsible for operation and the handling of relevant products on the Chinese market.
  • 2013 Shanghai La Uchine received complex condiment QS national industrial production license certification.
Product Category
Business Concept


Our company primarily provides professional food additives and food condiments. We also aim to demonstrate professionalism in various other dimensions, including staff quality, operational procedures, product quality, and service provision. Furthermore, we also emphasize speed of product development, sample provision, and product delivery to enhance the company's competitive edge. Every person, event, and object in the company has to demonstrate value. Specifically, the company's products have to create value for the clients, the staff must contribute value to the company, and the company has to create value for its workforce.

Food Safety Policy
《Product safety. This is everyone's responsibility. Continual improvement. Client satisfaction."》
The top management of our company commits to effective implementation and maintenance of the ISO22000 food safety control system. Through education and training in quality control techniques, and their meticulous application, our company has built a concept of food safety and created a sense of responsibility in all our staff members. We continuously improve the production procedures and product quality to ensure that they meet every food safety requirement. We provide quality products and professional services for all our clients, and maintaining both quality and client satisfaction are our ultimate goals.