Complex Condiments

Mexican Spice Powder

This product contains flavors that include garlic, capsicum, and pizza spices. This spice mix possesses a unique aroma that is suitable for baked products, and as seasoning for seafood. Used in a meat marinade, it will enhance the food with a distinctive aroma, to give the meal an exceptional flavor.

Thai Lemongrass Powder

This product contains natural spices and herbal ingredients. The combination of aromatic lemongrass and natural spices brings out the full complexity of Thai seasoning. It is a versatile reddish brown condiment that is light in flavor, and suitable for pork, chicken, fish and baked products.


.Italian Pizza Spice Powder

.Korean Kim Chi Powder

.Brazilian BBQ Spice Powder

.Japanese Spice Powder

.French Herbes de Provence powder

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Stew Spice Powder

This product contains yellow mustard seed, fennel seed, black pepper, and other spices for stews. It is suitable for a variety of stew dishes and marinades. This combination of aromatic seeds provides an exquisite flavor that is unique and especially tasty when used in Chao-Shan stew.

Braised Beef Stock Powder

This stock contains beef extract, dried onion powder, amino acids and other ingredients that enhance the fragrance and sweetness of braised beef soup. It is highly concentrated (100 times) to allow the quick preparation of flavorful and tasty beef stock. Suitable for all chain restaurants.


.Beef Spice Powder

.Sweet Goose Spice Powder

.Chao-Zhou Stew Spice Powder

.BBQ Condiment Powder

.Slow Braised Chicken Stock Powder

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Ajiyo P

This premium flavor enhancer contains no MSG and gives lasting flavor to a variety of dishes. It can withstand high heat, is light in flavor, and does not cause a dry mouth. It is suitable for steamed, boiled, braised, baked, BBQ, and stewed dishes.

Thai Lemongrass Spice Powder

Supercritical CO2 extraction isolates and refines ginger at a relatively low-temperature in a high-pressure environment to extract essential ginger oils and resins. The product is very stable and free of pollution and retains very high proportions of effective ingredients. There is an ample sufficiency of base-flavor that is long-lasting and fragrant. Very suitable for meat and seafood products, and as a general seasoning.



.Meat essence oil

.Chili essence (colorless, oil-base, water-base)

.Meatball essence paste

.Hokkaido king crab essence powder

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